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Ready to unleash your inner strength and realize your true potential? Look no further than Women of Steele Empowerment Zone and our EmpowerHER411 Online Education Courses. Our community is dedicated to helping black and brown women achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

"Unleashing Your Inner Strength, and Shaping Your Future."
Online Education Courses
Coming This Fall!! 

At Women of Steele Empowerment Zone, we believe that Black and Brown women should have access to high-quality education that is tailored specifically to their needs. Our EmpowerHER411 online education courses are designed with this in mind, and our curriculum focuses on inclusivity, diversity, empowerment, and growth. Whether you're looking to launch a business, advance in your career, or simply learn more about yourself and your community, our online courses are the perfect place to start.


EmpowerHER411 Online Education Courses are tailored for Black and Brown women who are looking to grow and succeed in their personal and professional lives. As we grow you grow, you'll have access to a range of expert courses that will support and guide you as you learn. Your be able to choose from various courses, including entrepreneurship, leadership, financial literacy, and more.

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