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About Joyce Steele Moore

Hi, I'm Joyce M. Steele Moore, an Empowerment Expert, Trainer, Entrepreneur, and the Founder of Women of Steele Empowerment Zone LLC (WOSEZ), a Black Woman-Owned, Self-Education & Digital Product Company.


I empower aspirational Black and Brown Women worldwide to achieve fulfillment and successful lives.


My focus is on helping you learn critical softskills through our online self-education programs, and digital learning tools, and fostering an online community. 


I founded JFAA Employment and Training Programs in 1983. My team and I offered personal and professional development programs for over 20 years, helping thousands of youth and adults in the Chicagoland area. We grow our budget from $50,000 to $1.5 million. 


In 1999, I decided to expand my horizons and go to work for the government. With over 20 years as a stellar senior manager/administrator, I suddenly lost my position in 2018. 


I decided to explore other opportunities and take her destiny back into my own hands. It was time to own and embrace her "Power" and do what I love, helping others grow!  Working with women in both the public and private sectors, I observed that many Sistahs struggle with not feeling empowered in their relationships, in the workplace, and in their minds. Many lack courage, confidence, and the commitment to inclusion, equity, and equality. 

Research shows that women worldwide continue to experience hopelessness, inequities, and injustices.  Additional research indicates that thousands of working women, raising a family, and heads of households are dependent upon a system that gives them little to no consideration.

Today, many decades after the passing of women and civil rights bills, Black Women continue to struggle with occupational underrepresentation and wage disparities due to racism and sexism. We must work together to change this oppression. 

I want all you phenomenal Black and Brown Sistahs to know that you are not alone. Join me in the "Empowerment Zone." In the"Empowerment Zone," we stretch and grow! We transform lives and elevate behaviors and thoughts.


We provide you with tools and services created to inspire, encourage, inform, and empower you to achieve the equality, and equity, needed to live your best life.

Your Sistah Friend,

Joyce Steele Moore

I invite you to join me on this journey of personal and professional empowerment!


I believe all women should embrace who they are,
reframe their future, and change the world!

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