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African American Women Entrepreneurship is on the Rise!

I found a fascinating article in ForbesWomen (2020), which states that "last year, women of color accounted for 50% of all women-owned businesses. An estimated 6.4 million women of color-owned companies employed nearly 2.4 million people and generated $422.5 billion in revenue. But, even as new minority-owned companies are opening, the revenue disparity is increasing. In 2014, minority-owned businesses averaged $67,800 in revenue; by 2019, the average had dropped to $65,800, a decline of 3%. African American women-owned businesses represented the highest rate of growth of any group in the number of firms between 2014 and 2019 and between 2018 and 2019. They started 42% of net new women-owned businesses, which is three times their share of the female population (14%)."

I am fascinated by this data because the numbers look promising for African American Women. It time for us to Rise and be hear, Stand and be seen, Speak and be understood. For years, we have had to be a fly on the wall, sit and listen, and not speak. Those days are coming to an abrupt halt. We will be heard, seen, and understood; it's our right and our legacy!

The article says that President-Elect Biden's VP elect, "Kamala Harris, may plan to bring back her original proposal." According to the report, "her proposal would greatly help the Black community further establish themselves as entrepreneurs by spiking the number of Black-owned businesses in the U.S. while also providing the sufficient funding to support them."

I say, Oh, Happy Day! Change is coming, and it is long overdue!

A lot has occurred in 2020, some good, bad, and ugly, yet we must keep the faith and belief that brighter days are coming in 2021!

Let us unite and embrace these positive changing times.

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