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The Power of Self-Development

The journey to self-development (#selfdevelopment) starts with self-discovery. Sometimes when we look at our lives, experience, and journey of the past, we feel like undo some things and have a perfect life again, of course, which is a mission impossible! Black Women (#Blackwomen) have the unique ability to raise others from their sleeping point and make them stand from their weaknesses. Many of them are the matriarchs of their families, heads of households, working multiple jobs, and as nurturers and strong decision-makers. Still, there is something within them holding them back that may fear the unknown, flaws (of the past failure, negative thoughts that may not be possible), and lack of a good mentor with great insight. Black Women who become great (#greatness) in life have self-confidence, motivation (#motivation), and a heart of courage (#courage) and possibility. The likes of Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Serena Williams have created platforms that other African-American black women can follow and be great, which has extended to other parts of the world. These pathways to their greatness are a rock of self-development, and this starts within us.

Relate to your greatness and not to your weakness. -Unknown-



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