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You Are Enough: Own Your Power!

Many Women of Color often feel poorly treated and undervalued in the workplace!

As a Black woman, I, too, have been overlooked for promotions, singled out for helping other minorities in my office, and straight out undervalued. I spent 19+ years working for local government in Chicago, and I put my whole self into my job, I wanted to do my best to help the taxpayers. But that wasn't good enough for the people for which I worked. They had a different agenda, and I was on another page! So, like many women of color (#womenofcolor), I spent years in an environment that stagnated my growth and did not feed my intellect nor aspirations. Like many of you, I had to pivot and rethink my game plan. I had to ask myself the hard question of "To go or stay?" I had the financial security of a "J-O-B," making decent money. My children were doing well. So, guess what? For years, I stayed and settled for mediocrity instead of ambition.

Well, on August 1, 2018, I lost my job. I was shoved out of my comfort zone and landed on the empowerment zone (#empowermentzone)! The Women of Steele Empowerment Zone was born!

Some people would hear this story and feel sad, but I tell it and feel LIBERATED! I feel FREE! I feel BLESSED to have walked away with my head held HIGH and unscathed!" You see, the strong Black women (#blackwomen) in my family taught me always to have a plan "A," "B," and "C." They taught me to rise above the fray and know my value and own my power! These strong Black women taught me that I was "ENOUGH" as I am, and I did not need anyone to validate me. (#Iamenough) You see, my parents made sure I had the tools necessary to compete in such a competitive society. In a book about my strong Black Grandma (Mary Jane), "A Broom and a Mop Just Won't Do: From Sharecropper to Educator," written by my cousin Dr. Brenda Brand (2016) it is clear that a broom and a mop just would not do for her family. Thank you, Grandma!

So today, I am a proud Black women entrepreneur (#womenentrepreneur) who is determined to help make this world a better place by providing resources, support, and tools that will help women of color live a more abundant life. Women of color are no longer accepting a broom and a mop as their path to living a productive and fulfilling life!

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform!"

- Diane Mariechild -

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