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Mission & Vision

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Our Vision

The Women of Steele Empowerment Zone’s (WOESZ) vision is to empower a million Black and Brown Women, over 40, worldwide with an online culture of progress through self-education eCourses, masterminds, virtual workshops, and digital tools. Our tools include self-paced, easy-to-access thought-provoking eBooks, audiobooks, career development tools, and other products, as well as suggested readings. 

Our Objectives:

  • To give you the resources needed to live a fulfilling and successful life.

  • To promote the importance of self-development and a growth mindset.

  • To inspire, encourage and uplift you through continuous learning and self-education resources.

  • To provide tools that help you improve their professional soft and hard skills. 

  • To help you build confidence.

  • To teach online Softskills that promote growth in your career. 



Our Mission

The world we live in is a continuum of racial change and reckoning. Yet, many organizations and institutions continue to marginalize black and brown women.  It's time for a change.


We commit to serving and encouraging black and brown women to rise and achieve audacious business and career goals and workplace equality and equity for financial freedom.

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